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  • New Trier High School to host Chicago USA Gap Year fair Jan. 25
    Why take a gap year? Chicago-area students considering a non-traditional experiential year after high school can learn about gap year options and connect with gap year program providers in person at the USA Gap Year Fair at New Trier High School, 385 Winnetka Ave, on Saturday, Jan. 25 from 12-3:00 p.m. The event will feature gap year counselors and local gap year alumni who will share their expertise with fair attendees.
  • PHSC Sophomore parent and student night

    Please join us for our PHSC Sophomore parent and student night, Tuesday 2/4 and Wednesday 2/5 at 7 pm in the Gaffney Auditorium.
    The program will be jointly presented by several members of the post-high school counseling department.  If you are unable to attend the night for your designated counselor (see below) feel free to attend the alternate evening.  The purpose of the program is to provide students and parents information about, our comprehensive services and programing, what students should be doing NOW, common myths surrounding the planning process, course selection and planning for junior and senior year.

    Tuesday, February 4, will be for the advisories served by Jill Cervantes, Heather Ecklund, Michael O'Connor or Bob Zigmund.
    The advisors are Arado, J. Atwell, Beavin, Bollweg, Docktor, Earnest, Fischer, Forbes, Gamrath, Gamauf, Gnant, Kritek, Kuklis, Martin, Milne, Newman, Noskin, Riner and Stewart.

    Wednesday, February 5, will be for advisories served by Kristen Graf, Dan Rogan, Tom Shorrock or Gretchen Stauder.
    The advisors L. Atwell, Bank, Branahl, Burnside, Butler, Elbert, Fialka, Hafron, Heineman, Hendren, Hill, Hines, Jerutis, Karakosta, Lau, Lopez, Loring, Mitchum, Peterson, Skizas and Stiller.

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